The Mountain State Parents Child and Adolescent Network (MSP-CAN) promotes reforms in the service delivery system through a continuum of interrelated activities that educate and support parent, inform practitioners, and administrators and policy makers.

Training for parents assists them in overcoming the shame, blame, guilt, and stigma associated with childhood mental illness. In addition, parents learn about emotional disorders, treatments, and their local service delivery system. MSP-CAN assists parents by building hope and confidence; which enables them to partner effectively with providers and schools around developing and implementing individualized, strength-based care for their children.

Information for administrators and policy makers assists them in understanding the multiple factors that contribute to the development of emotional disorders and the need for interagency collaboration and family partnership to achieve optimal outcomes. Through these efforts, administrators and policy makers will create interagency collaborative programs that value partnership with families and provide individualized, strength-based care.

The Network sponsors education and training of parents and provides instruction to parents in order for them to become trainers themselves.

Along with the parent support instruction, the Network provides education for practitioners, agency administrations, and policy makers.

The Network also plans and conducts research about outcomes for children and their families. Data resulting from this research is disseminated to state and government mental health agencies and to other concerned parties to demonstrate the benefits of these efforts.

In addition to training, MSP-CAN provides advocacy to assist parents in overcoming systemic barriers to an individual’s strength-based care. Through advocacy, both parents and practitioners learn communication and problem resolution strategies needed to partner effectively.

The new location of Mountain State Parents-CAN is

1739 St. Mary’s Avenue Suite B, Parkersburg, WV 26101

Phone 304-428-0365  or 1-800-244-5385.