Our Beliefs

We believe children and youth who have serious emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges:

  • Must be individuals first.
  • Have rights and strengths that should be respected by all.
  • Are members of a family.

Families of these young people:

  • Have strengths and needs.
  • Must be viewed as team members and experts since they have 7 days a week, 24 hours a day lifelong experiences.
  • Have many ways of adjusting to family needs.
  • Are a source of strength for their young people.

Services provided to children or youth with special needs and their families:

  • Must emphasize strengths, must be based on need, and are affordable.
  • Must be accessible for that family.
  • Must be provided respectfully, non-judgmentally, and unconditionally.
  • Must be provided when possible, support through networking and partnerships with others.
  • Must be provided locally whenever possible.